7月18日  星期六  傍晚6點  bugis junction


歡迎大家哦 !!


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Jeff Wang 王建復

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  • weishan
  • hi
    sigh both of the days i cant make it sad =(
    hmmmm have u seen the new fc blog???
  •'s ok!ya...i saw....

    it's the same from pixnet right?

    just afraid mess up about my blog and fc..

    jeffwang 於 2009/07/14 20:07 回覆

  • cy
  • hello jeff,
    sry... today not sure if you will stop at RG... anyway, see you at NYP concert and bugis autos...

    btw, can take pic with you during autos????

  •'s ok!

    ya.of coz can take pics..


    jeffwang 於 2009/07/14 20:18 回覆

  • weishan
  • ha dun worry wont mess up de =D
  • okok cheers...

    jeffwang 於 2009/07/15 23:28 回覆

  • heartands0ul
  • u're back!! heard your interview on 933 last night. heh.
    sadly, i cant make it for sat's event.
    and i've yet to win the tixs for thurs too!! =/ argh..

    anw, so u have a new fc now alr?
    take care! :)
  • not really!
    don't know what happen now..?

    jeffwang 於 2009/07/15 23:28 回覆

  • cherrybaby0713
  • 放心啦﹗不會亂的。 我在那裡著名是你的FANCLUB BLOG了。。
    目前有人申請入會了。。 下來看怎樣我在通知你

  • thanks a lot..

    jeffwang 於 2009/07/15 23:29 回覆

  • Maylian
  • Hi HeartandSoul, how many tix u need, pls sms me at 93553066. thanks
  • 小朱
  • 你還記得永琦的同事們嗎?

  • 凡請留電至“悄悄話”!謝謝!

    jeffwang 於 2009/07/17 09:45 回覆

  • j!
  • 18 this saturday right right right? hahas. k, im quite excited. like before, i shall try to ask my friends to go with me. if they not free then i not going again:/ think they can go bahs. *keep my fingers cross and pray!* anyway, you are very busy these days. must take care! jiayous:D
  • hi j...

    no pressure!if u can come that is my pleasure!
    ok,i will!u too!

    jeffwang 於 2009/07/17 09:47 回覆

  • cy
  • hi,,,see you at bugis... great to see u at nyp
  • thank u cheng ying......


    jeffwang 於 2009/07/17 09:47 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • Guo Zhong
  • Saw you in Bugis today... the songs are nice and your performance is excellent... Like your songs, Jia You!!
  • hi guo zhong

    thank u!hope u really enjoy the show!

    thank u...

    jeffwang 於 2009/07/19 19:15 回覆

  • Wei Ling
  • i didnt get to go for ur 2nd auto also...

    Hi Jeff, so sorry that i didnt get to go for ur bugis auto also... i happen to be abit unwell so i didnt go down... so sad ): my album is still not sign... erm, is it able if i leave my album & pictorial book at ur Tampines1 Xiao Bar Wang shop & u help me sign on them when u go down to ur shop to help me get my album & book signed then i go collect ??? :) because i dun think i can be lucky enough to happen to meet u at ur shop bah.. haha :)
  • haha...wei ling

    don't worry!if have chance,we will meet again!

    lately i won't go down to my kiosk,coz have to go to malaysia soon..


    jeffwang 於 2009/07/20 23:52 回覆